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JusFruit Lite

Create game-changing nutritional snacks.
Nutrient dense. Sugar Lite.

64% of consumers take sugar reduction consumption as an action to improve their diets in 2021.

To help consumers make better food choices every day that will enhance the nutritional quality of their diets, TAURA developed a new reduced sugar binding paste: JusFruit Lite 

This label-friendly product provides food manufacturers with a delicious, plant-based building block to create better-for-you nutritional bars and snacks.

JusFruit Lite offers:
  • Up to 500g of fruit used to produce 100g of TAURA Lite paste, including high levels of fruit puree
  • Up to 40% reduction in total sugars when compared with date or sugar-based binders in a bar application 
  • Fresh and sweet taste profile
  • All-in-one solution combining fruit ingredients, soluble fibers and flavors 
Download the factsheet and discover new ways to create better-for-you nutritional bars and snacks.