Endless possibilities for Premium Chocolate

In a fast-changing market, we help you to find winning combinations for delightful on-trend chocolate products. Chunky chocolate tablets, fruit & chocolate clusters, soft fruit centers, luxury pralines with fruit sprinkles, surprising mouth feel with crispy inclusions: the possibilities are endless. Fruit & chocolate are a technical challenge and we help you to make it possible.

How we do it

  • These fruit pastes & pieces with low water activity offer great functionality.
  • Moreover, once you have successfully designed one product, a line extension, e.g. with a new fruit variety, has no impact on your process, handling or regulatory validation.
  • Our R&D team is committed to find the perfect match between your signature chocolate and the fruit flavour

Some possibilities

  • Fruit pieces: for panning, as sprinkle to decorate pralines, as a fruit inclusion in tablets or chocolate bark
  • Fruit paste ultra-dry: as a layer or in a ganache. With their low water activity value & high fruit content this paste brings great taste and is shelf stable
Did you know?

Taura fruit-based ingredients are also available in many other categories? Get inspired!