Develop exciting Baked Items with real fruit

Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the bakery category has been boosted by a surge in home baking. Whether home-baked, picked up on the go, home-delivered or from the grocery store: consumers want to feel connected and to treat themselves with a little indulgent moment.

A little bite of affordable luxury. 


The challenges

  • taste comes first in an indulgent category
  • reformulating for healthier products while maintaining great taste and texture
  • speed to market
  • easy line extensions, while keeping production costs under control

How can our team help you?

  • every project is different so we listen to you first
  • based on your use case, we'll find a suitable bake stable fruit-based ingredient, which can reduce the added sugar in cookies up to 50%, while maintaining the sweet taste perception
  • innovation mindset is in our DNA. Magic happens when science and technology meet.
  • we are nice people, hands-on, with solid technical-commercial knowledge in bakery, snacking and confectionery

Let's talk!

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about the bakery topic of your choice.

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